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Presentation standards

Text body:
Microsoft Word
Times New Roman, size 12, justified
Single spaced
First paragraph line: 1 tab
View pages in vis-à-vis for the whole document
Bottom of page: Times New Roman, size 8, justified
The first level titles are in blue-colored, lowercase and bold, font size 12
The second level titles are in lowercase and bold, font size 12
The titles of the third level are small thin and emphasized, font size 12

Interior: 1.8 cm Exterior: 4 cm; top: 4 cm, bottom: 2.54 cm

Paper (in file/layout):
Format B5: 18.2 cm wide and 25.7 cm in height
Headers to 3 cm and footers to 0 cm

THE 1st PAGE OF EACH SUBMISSION should appear as follows on a page separate from the text body:
TITLE of the article
Names of authors, in the desired order with, for each title, organization or university affiliation

The article should be preceded by an ABSTRACT not exceeding 100 words and five key words in French and English.

References should be included at the end of the text in the following format:
Author's name (in small capitals) - space - First name(s) initial(s), point, comma.
1. Book: book title in italics, comma, publisher, place of publication, year of release, point.

E.g.: DUPONT J., Economie du travail, Editions Ouvrières, Paris, 2013.

2. Article: title of article "in quotes, comma, title of journal or book in italics, comma, serial number, volume, month, year of publication, pages, a single point.
E.g. Durant F., « Economie d'énergie », Revue Verte, tome XXXII, N°3, March, 2013, p3.-33.

Review Process, Review Report and Notification of Acceptance: Submitted papers will be reviewed anonymously and authors will be notified of the Review and Scientific Committee's decision within 10 days from receipt of the paper. You are also welcome to volunteer to participate as discussants, session chairs and members of the review and scientific committee.

Send only full paper to: sgs@review-maer.com

We wish to draw your attention on the following:
  • The Papers accepted by a publishing sponsor, will be issued at the date scheduled by the particular Journal. Therefore, there won't be any proceedings.
  • The papers, because accepted by a publishing sponsor, will be issued at the date scheduled by the particular Journal. Therefore, there won't be any proceedings.
  • The conference publishes authoritative literature surveys and reviews which meet the needs of the broad academic community. Among the criteria we use to determine whether or not a paper is suitable for sending out for review are:
  • Is the choice of a field or sub-field in the topic studies mature enough to warrant a literature review?
  • Are details provided of how the boundaries to that field have been defined to include specific details of what is included and excluded, and why?
  • Is there a synthesis and evaluation of the accumulated state of knowledge in that field, summarizing and highlighting current and emerging insight, while stressing strengths and weaknesses of prior work?
  • Does the review include consideration of how research has developed in the field into sub-categories, concepts or themes that can provide a more holistic interpretation and (re)categorization of that field?
  • Is there a complete analysis of the literature surveyed in terms of discussions of any contrasting methodologies used in the literature, the strength and weakness of particular approaches to studying the subject under review, the quality of the studies in the field, the general conclusions to be drawn from the literature (for example, the current agreements and disagreements contained within the field) providing a thorough discussion of where the literature is now.
  • Are there reasoned and authoritative conclusions as to where the literature is, or perhaps should be going, and what important questions, or gaps, still exist in the field?
  • Is there a clear statement about what contribution the review makes to theory, practice and/or research?
  • We are certain that you understand this "compulsion" which aims to further meet the best work of each.
  • You will need to register by paying all due fees
  • Pleased note that:
  • The publication fees and the registration fees are independent.
  • Each participant needs to pay the publication fee and be registered.
  • You must completed the publication part of your application and thus you need to wait for instructions from the program committee. It is a procedure all must abide with.
    1. Thank you in advance and remain at your disposal for any further information.
        Kind regards,
          The program committee