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Theoretical and empirical papers or case studies relating to all broad areas of Accounting, Business, Financial & Economic Research (Accounting, Banking, Finance, Economic, Management, Marketing, Business Statistics, Business Law and Business Education, Business Administration, Public Administration and ...) are invited for the international conference which is sponsored by INTERNATIONAL PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS

Papers must be original and unpublished with proper acknowledgement. All papers will be blind-reviewed by the distinguished members Review Board (and two independent' reviewers)depending on their content and knowledge area. All submissions must have a title page, the name(s) of the authors(s), affiliation(s), and e-mail address and are subject to the journal's guidelines. You must have a proper e-mail address on first page of the document. Authors are advised to attach their papers to sgs@review-maer.com. Authors of submitted papers will receive an auto acknowledgement and will be notified by the program committee of the results of the review process as soon as they are available. Once the paper is accepted for publication, you will be required to pay the appropriate registrationwithin the deadline. Please note that publication (obligation) fees are independent from the registration fees and are fixed by the Journal on which the paper will be published. In case of multiple authorships, co-authors are required to pay registration fees if attending, and one of the authors is obligated to present the paper at the conference. In Absentia Presentations are possible under some conditions. In addition to academic sessions, papers on special sessions related to contemporary issues in all areas are invited.

How to attend this International Conference
Thank you for your interest in this international conference.

We wish to draw your attention on the following:

  • The papers publication will be issued at the date scheduled by the particular Journal. Therefore, there won't be any proceedings.
  • The conference publishes authoritative literature surveys and reviews which meet the needs of the broad academic community. Among the criteria we use to determine whether or not a paper is suitable for sending out for review are:
  • Is the choice of a field or sub-field in the topic studies mature enough to warrant a literature review?
  • Are details provided of how the boundaries to that field have been defined to include specific details of what is included and excluded, and why?
  • Is there a synthesis and evaluation of the accumulated state of knowledge in that field, summarizing and highlighting current and emerging insight, while stressing strengths and weaknesses of prior work?
  • Does the review include consideration of how research has developed in the field into sub-categories, concepts or themes that can provide a more holistic interpretation and (re)categorization of that field?
  • Is there a complete analysis of the literature surveyed in terms of discussions of any contrasting methodologies used in the literature, the strength and weakness of particular approaches to studying the subject under review, the quality of the studies in the field, the general conclusions to be drawn from the literature (for example, the current agreements and disagreements contained within the field) providing a thorough discussion of where the literature is now.
  • Are there reasoned and authoritative conclusions as to where the literature is, or perhaps should be going, and what important questions, or gaps, still exist in the field?
  • Is there a clear statement about what contribution the review makes to theory, practice and/or research?
  • We are certain that you understand this "compulsion" which aims to further meet the best work of each.
  • May you be unable to attend the conference, an in absentia presentation could be made for you (you won't have to pay the registration fees, but a fee for the presentation will be required).
  • You will need to register by paying all due fees
  • Pleased note that:
  • Each participant needs to pay the publication fee and be registered.
  • You must completed the publication part of your application and thus you need to wait for instructions from the program committee. It is a procedure all must abide with.
    1. Thank you in advance and remain at your disposal for any further information.
        Kind regards,
          The program committee Top